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Knowledge is Power

‘Knowledge is Power’ Engineering Recruitment Video

  • Client: TSSA
  • Date Completed: October 2013

When we first heard of power engineering, we couldn’t help but imagine a confused Homer Simpson inside a control room of monitors and flashing buttons. But the TSSA had a real concern – a critical …


Rewild Your Life - Bench Workout

Rewild Your Life – Bench Workout

  • Client: Rewild Your Life
  • Date Completed: November 2011

One of the essential elements of nature and health nut friends’ Elena (who happens to be the founder of Vanguard Creative Media) and her partner in crime Amanda’s lifestyles was swapping a gym workout for …


Rewild Your Life Coconut Hunt

Rewild Your Life – Coconut Hunt

  • Client: Rewild Your Life
  • Date Completed: November 2011

When nutrition nut (and Vanguard Creative Media founder) Elena met Amanda on a raw vegan Costa Rican retreat, they instantly fell into a beautiful friendship that spawned a funky raw vegan nutrition, fitness, and spirituality …


Morgan Crossing High End Real Estate

Morgan Crossing – Vancouver High End Condo Village

  • Client: Morgan Crossing
  • Date Completed: September 2011

Imagine rolling out of bed and picking up your dry-cleaning, grabbing a coffee, and picking up a bottle of wine, while still in your PJ’s. Morgan Crossing is a walkable urban village in the heart …


Chet Roberts 3 Dors Down

3 Doors Down and Big Joe Stomp Box Company

  • Client: Big Joe Stomp Box Company
  • Date Completed: January 2013

How does a small guitar effects pedal company set itself apart in an over-saturated market with literally hundreds if not thousands of competitors making nearly the exact same product? Create killer artist/endorser-based content for its …


Coors Light Maxim Model Search NYC

Coors Light Maxim Model Search NYC

  • Date Completed: December 2012

11.30.2012 | EMPIRE HOTEL | NYC
Swim Wear Designers: Tiara Auston, GIGI Culture, Precious Stone

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About Vanguard

Your story is the essence of how you do what you do and why you do it. Let us help you tell it.

When someone visits your website, you have one chance to make the first impression. What do you want them to see? Is it static pictures and text? Or is it the story behind the scenes – the one that portrays the heart and passion behind what you do? We help you make a lasting impression through the art of cinematic storytelling.

Our philosophy comes down to two things: authenticity and transparency.

Every step of the way, you'll know the production value, creative plan and timelines of our work. We don't cut corners, we don't promise what we can't deliver, and we won't leave you guessing about the end result. Each piece is approached with artistic ingenuity and borderless exploration of our medium. Steering clear of stagnancy, status quo or repetition, every one our projects is as unique to us as it is to you.

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Additional Recent Work

Establish your expertise with web video

Establish your expertise with video

Video is king, and so is content. We like helping you create juicy nuggets of information and personality that will not only help you develop and maintain your brand identity and create familiarity before someone …

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smartphone videos

Mobile video viewership races ahead of computers

It’s no secret that mobile video viewership is skyrocketing, but to some, the justification is that it is a natural byproduct of greater saturation of Smartphones in general.  What is interesting however, is the difference …

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ROI of website videos

ROI of website videos

If you read our post on why your web video is like Ned Flanders, then you understand that trust and familiarity are two of the key ingredients in a web video’s success. But it …

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Screen shot 2012-08-20 at 1.08.42 AM

Social media = community

Social media is a term that gets tossed around a lot these days, but whether it’s understood or used effectively is a different story.

Lost in a sea of definitions, the smart entrepreneur will strike

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Screen shot 2012-08-19 at 11.53.09 PM

Why web video is like Ned Flanders

If your’re a fan of the Simpsons, you’re undoubtedly familiar with their mustached neighbour Ned Flanders. Although your website video may not produce the same endearingly annoying ‘okily dokilies’ or have the same impeccable, uh, …

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